Kara Sun

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When it comes to passion, energy and living a life in tune with feelings you might meet Kara, a person with some of the most special combinations of interests, you can meet in the music world. She was born on the lucky day ;-) 7.7.77 in Germany and grew up in the countryside. Two main interests have always influenced her life, which is music and wildlife, especially birds. Kara used to sneak to discos at night, when she was 14 to join gogo dance contests and later went head banging at rock concerts with her friends. When she was 17, she met a guitar player of a punk rock band and she became the singer of that rock band “Different sights” for a while. They played on several small parties; Kara did songwriting, creating most melodies and later on arrangement of their tracks as well. After Kara finished school, she did a graduation as a sports teacher and moved away from home to live in the city and to work as a gogo dancer. She won the title “disco queen of NRW” and went to Spain to compete in the finals.
Kara was a dancer for more than 8 years, but as musical tastes started shifting more to hip-hop and RmB she decided to become a dj, to keep the trance alive in the clubs. After a while she was able to get all equipment to teach herself the dj skills, after a while she could start playing sets in the clubs where she worked as a dancer, and finally she came in touch with her first dj agency. There’s been some agencies during the years, with the last agency she travelled more around the globe to perform. It took a while to get internationally recognized, but until now she worked in 20 countries, performing in : Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, Czech, Ecuador, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mallorca, Mexico, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Russia, Sardinia, Spain, Turkey, and Ukraine. Kara has played alongside international stars like Rank 1, Tiesto, Marcel Woods, Fred Baker, Johan Gielen, Ron van den Beuken, 4 Strings, Shaun Baker, Caba Kroll, Future Breeze, Essential DJ Team, Doug Laurent, Nico Parisi, and DJ Luna, Ronny K, Matty Groves, Manuel le Saux. Several radio stations played her mix sets like:,;,,,,,,,, ….
Kara has won several DJ mix contests such as “the best live mix CD” selected from DTF music crew; and she took 3rd place in the DJ contest at one of the hippest clubs in Belgium: the Atmoz. Kara’s goal is to inspire people with melodical NRG trance and also give them the message to be careful with nature. She plays uplifting trance, eurodance and electro house. She knows how to animate people, a skill developed through her time as dancer, so she is very active with the crowd, talks and sings through microphone and jumps and claps her hands to get the people crazy of music :). Her style has been influenced by her longtime friends Rank 1 and Ronny K, Fila and many others. Now she is quite well known all around the world but most popular in Mexico where she has been invited for several tours. While she loves to work in discothèques at night, she prefers to spend her daytime in bird parks, zoos, or hiking through the rain forest.
Lately she also developed the more “green type” and is involved in several actions to save the rain forest and to fight the global warming and she practices what she preaches! In late 2007 Kara finally finished her first production, a collaboration with Matthew K, which is remixed by “Vengeance” and recently “Thr3shold”. Her second track “into the sun” is made in summer 2008 and remixed by one of her favorite producers “Airbase”, other remixes came from Waterspark and Svenson. “Into the sun “was her first release, that was released 23rd of august 2010, 3 month later her official video for the airbase mix was released (Official Canary island Video). For this special video she went to Lanzarote to record the scenes she wanted, this video was cutted under her script, but the following videos from “Energy of life” on were all made by herself. “Energy of life” was released 22.2.11. Her next release is just out on 20. 5. 2013 called “Novaline & Kara Sun- Get the groove” a collaboration from 2011 with the young Swedish producer Novaline on Silent shore Recordings.
Her next Solo release “Kara sun – I like it” will be released with Digitized recordings in July 2013, this track includes brilliant Remixes of her Brazilian friend “Sunset” and a “Ferrin & Morris” remix. The videos for these tracks are already to see on youtube. Some weeks ago she went to Madeira to make the video clips for her new releases. Last track she produced is ‘Every single moment’ which she worked out with Alpha dimension and Trance arts. So if you like energetic music with an energetic performer for your event: Kara Sun is looking forward to meet you and rock your party! ;-)

Jay Frog

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Jay´s career truly kicked off in the 90’s. Love Parade, the rest followed Nature One Airbeat One, Ruhr in Love he wowed them then. As well as having become an established presence on the German club scene, he’s played around the world, Taiwan, Japan, Africa, Russia, Dubai, U.S, Ibiza, and too many other European locations to mention.
Jay’s probably one of the busiest DJs out there right now, if residencies were a day job he is fully employed. H1 Hamburg, JJ Club UK, JJ Club Germany and a tie in with one of the largest German club chains and when he gets the chance international gigs. He is constantly playing alongside the likes of David Guetta, Roger Sanchez, Chuckie, JCA, Tom Novy, to mention only a few.
Daytimes get devoted to the production schedule. Not only his personal work like "I wont let you down" a monster iTunes top five hit, he is also focused on his side projects. Right now the one ripping the scene apart is Master and Servant. Teamed up with Gordon from The Disco Boys, an ongoing collaboration, delivering an edgy electro feel but immensely danceable, a perfect vibe for the floor as they blend recognisable samples, often using past classics from the likes of Depeche Mode and mashing it up with their unique production style.
Jay doesn’t stop there, remixes in the last year? What he’s done? Well it’s a wish list for any producer, tracks with Chuckie, Cidinho & Doca, Lissat & Voltaxx, Sean Finn, The Disco Boys, Matthias Menck & Jerry Ropero, Medina, Camisra, Shaggy and plenty more.
Jay Frog to describe him, total crowd pleaser, ultimate showman always able to read and work the club, total connection with the audience. Definitely not a DJ you can ever accuse of playing to the CDJs and not the floor. There is never anything less than 110% commitment.
Jay has proved his skills as a dance shape shifter not a bandwagon jumper he has a diary that defies definition. His hard work and determination are going to be pushin him totally into the next zone.


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10 Years, four albums and over 20 Million sold units - the result of the plural laureate. Nestor Alexander Haddaway, born at Trinidad/Tobago, has studied Marketing and Policy at George Washington University, Washington D.C, before he has started his music carrier.
With "What is love" he stormed the charts all over the globe and achieved a sales quota of over eight million units. "What is love" appertained up to 52 weeks at word-wide Top 10 Charts and even today it is part of the Top 100 Airplaycharts of the U.S.A. After that bang, further other megasellers like " Life", "Rock my heart", "Fly Away" or "I Miss You" followed and entered the Top 20 Charts. With Haddaways second album "The Drive", released in 1995, he did not miss the opportunity to continue his success without a break.. In 1998, "Let's do love" was launched at the world-wide market - another album with outstanding musical aesthetics and performances of impulsive rhythmic, unique melodies and especially Haddaways incomparable voice. In 1999, all his famous hits have been arranged new and remixed for his "All the Best - His Greatest Hits " album. Year 2001 : Haddaway has shown, that he has developed his musical career - with "Love Makes", his fourth album, he made clear his distance to the habitual dancefloor-sound by mediating new impulses as an undoubted musical global player in his songs. His irresistible hooklines, moods and sounds - with only a small electronic touch - are adaptable to nearly all stages, discos & clubs, living- and bedrooms in that world.During his impressing career, Haddaway has been dignified with several awards like e.g. the World Music Award, Echo-Award, Goldene Europa and many more. Shiploads of Gold and Platinum-records confirm Haddaway in his chosen way and development as one of the "Big Ones" in the world-wide music business. Nestor Alexander Haddaway - a Multi-Talent, who made his name also as an actor at the movie "Scholl out". Apart of his foible for fast cars (race driver for Porsche Cup, by the way) and fitness sports, Haddaway has got another passion: Playing Gulf.
There are many different facets to Alexander Nestor Haddaway. With 28 million recordings sold, he is a global player in the world of pop music, and yet he also has a vast number of other talents, which means that referring to him just as a "pop star" is completely inadequate. How many pop stars have a doctorate in political sciences and history from the famous George Washington University in Washington D.C.? How many stars have worked as a choreographer, textiles trader and carpet fitter? Who has played American football, practices aikido, and feels as safe on a snowboard and skis as he does behind the wheel of a rally car? And who speaks not only English, Dutch, French and German but also pure Cologne dialect? Polarisation is the overriding component. In musical terms, Haddaway has a polarising effect too. Many people know his work from the 90s and see him as the spearhead for Euro-dance pop. With his new single 'Follow Me', Haddaway appears in a totally new light, showing that behind the dance icon there is a real musician who never reduces the scope of his world. This is superbly high-class pop, an unforgettable voice singing a song that reveals the dimensions in which Haddaway moves after just few bars. A true star has returned with impressive style, confirming his position as one of the Olympians of the pop world. From the upcoming album "Crucified".

Dr. Alban

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Alban Uzoma Nwapa was born into a middle class family of 10 children in Oguta, Imo state, Nigeria and had his secondary education at Christ The King College, Aba, Nigeria. He spent most of his youth in his hometown Oguta. His father was a dentist. He grew up listening to Fela Kuti and James Brown. At age 23, he travelled to Sweden to study dentistry. In order to be able to finance his studies, Nwapa started making music. He worked as a DJ in the Stockholm club 'Alphabet Street'. Very quickly his name became widely known, especially since Alban often sang to the records he put on the turntable. DJ Ren?ouldn't help but notice him and so he was discovered. Alban finished his studies and even opened his own dentistry practice, keeping his disk jockeying as a lucrative sideline.
In 1990, he met with Denniz PoP from the SweMix label. Together with Denniz and Rap-Queen Leila K, his first record, "Hello Africa" - his declaration of love for his African home - broke all records. Alban Xhezair Nwapa took the stage name Dr. Alban, a nod to his dental studies. His debut album Hello Africa sold roughly 1 million copies world-wide.
One year later this success was surpassed by the second album One Love. 1.6 million singles of the song "It's My Life" were sold (the single was even used as background music for a Tampax advert). It was #1 in the Netherlands, Israel and Germany and #2 in the UK. The following single "One Love" was #5 in Israel. The album immediately sold over 1.7 million units. Then followed the albums Look Who's Talking and Born In Africa. All in all, Dr. Alban has racked up world-wide sales of over 5 million albums and over 6 million singles, which resulted in 7 times Silver, 30 times Gold and 30 times Platinum. His hit single "No Coke" was used to illustrate an anti-drugs campaign in Sweden. The single "Sing Hallelujah" reached #5 in Israel.
After a re-release of "No Coke", Dr. Alban confirmed his Euro dance style with his hit "Look Who's Talking", which reached #4 in Israel, #6 at MTV Europe, and #54 in UK. "Let The Beat Go On" was #12 in Israel, and #12 at MTV9.
Following the social awareness expressed in "No Coke", Dr. Alban participated in a traffic information short film with the song "Moppepojkar" ("Moped boys").
He created his own record company 'Dr. Records', on which he released Born in Africa, the first CD recorded completely in his Dr Records studios. He had production credits on projects by artists such as La Cream and Daddy Showkey.
More recently, his voice was featured on Sash!'s single "Colour The World". After one year of silence he came back with a new track entitled "Because Of You", followed by "What Do I Do" and a new album, not Euro-dance related. Alban was very satisfied with the new album Prescription. Many hands have been involved in making this new album sound special. There are also guest appearances from Tony Rebell and Anthony B.
Dr. Alban is a cousin of another famous Nigerian musician, Charles "Charlie Boy" Oputa. He is also the uncle of Ricarda W?ken from the German Hip Hop Band Tic Tac Toe.
In 2007 Dr. Alban has released new album Back to basics. It is sold only on the Internet through official website, with exception for Russia where CDs and cassettes were issued.
In 2008, he released a single with Haddaway, entitled "I Love The 90's". Alban proved that he did not forget his fellow artists of the last decade and he mentions in the lyrics some of the best hits of the Euro years: "Rhythm Is a Dancer", "What Is Love", "Scatman", "All That She Wants" and his own "It's My Life".

DJ Quicksilver

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DJ Quicksilver is made up of two people, Orhan Terzi and Tommasso De Donatis who form the mixer DJ Quicksilver. Orhan Terzi was born in Turkey in 1964, When he's not doing music he likes Moutainbiking, Surfin and goes to Fitness-Centers. He found his passion for music through Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and Kraftwerk. He later found the Belgian Dance- and Trance-productions and from being a hobby the music developed into a fulltime job. Their first production "Bingo Bongo", which was released in the beginning of 1996, became a huge Mega-Club-Hit and reached the Top 100. In November 1996 the success followed with the double A-sided single "I Have A Dream / Bellissima" and in 1997 the single "Free". With over 650 000 sold singles DJ Quicksilver reached place 20 at the "Most Successful Interpreters of 1997" Top 100 list. "Bellissima" reached the Top 10 in the UK charts and sold over 400 000 copies which means Gold-status. Their debut-album "Quicksilver" was very successful and they reached the #22 spot on the German Albumcharts. In December 1997 the single "Planet Love" was released. That single became a huge clubhit all over the world and was on heavy rotation on VIVA and MTV. When Tommasso De Donatis had finished building his new and bigger studio in the Spring of 1998 he and Orhan began working on their second album. In November 1998 the album "Escape 2 Planet Love" was released. After the released of the second album they concentrated on doing remixes for other artists, such as Faithless, Jam & Spoon. Tommasso De Donatis also started another project called Watergate which also became very popular. In 1999 they came up with the id?of "Cosmophobia", which is based on the text from H.G. Wells classic "War of the Worlds". The single was released in the fall of 1999 and became a hit. The next single up was "Ameno", this single features a sample from the Platina-single "Ameno" by the successful group ERA. This mystic Trance-Techno mix made it to the German Top 20 Media Control Charts and developed into an international hit. The video for the single was shoot by the cult-director Marcus Stenberg in Berlin. The follow-up was also a cover, this time it was the 1995 superhit by Shaggy - "Boombastic". This single was also a huge success and the video starred the "real Mr. Lover", Shaggy himself! In March 2002 with the ECHO nomination for "Best National Dance Act" for the single "Ameno" DJ Quicksilver presented their latest project: Base Unique with a remake of the classic "Always On My Mind". This vocal-trance smasher includes the vocals by singer Diana Maria. DJ Quicksilver released the 12" entitled "New Life" on November 22, 2002. On March 17, 2003 the cd-single "New Life" was released. The double a-side single "Clubfiles One", including "Equinoxe IV" (originally by Jean Michel Jarre) and "Rising Up" (a trance remake of "Eye Of The Tiger"), was released on August 25, 2003. DJ Quicksilver released the album "Clubfiles - The Album" on September 29, 2003.

Darren Bailie (Ex Guru Josh Project)

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Music has always been an integral part of Darren Bailie’s life, growing up with a dj for a father and his family heavily involved in music Darren started playing the drums at a very young age, he has rhythm ingrained into his very D.N.A! At the tender age of 16 Darren first stepped behind a pair of turn tables after being inspired by a scratch DJ at an underground rave, however it was when he first discovered house music shortly after that the passion for DJ’ing really took hold, and he has never looked back! Darren has played to crowds across the globe and is always held in the highest regard for not only his technical skill as a DJ, but also his ability to read a crowd, to be able to take them on a journey as he builds the set and always leave them wanting more! Darren’s mantra has always been that you should “play FOR a crowd and not AT them” and this is what makes him loved the world over! Darren ever imagines himself to be on a dance-floor as one of the clubbers when selecting tracks for his cd wallet.
In the studio Darren is no less impressive, his highest achievement to date is as the creator of the Guru Josh Project and the force behind Guru Josh Project’s No.1 hit Infinity 2008, for which he was presented with an IDMA at the Miami Winter Music Conference! Recently Darren has been working on remix’s for the likes Boy George’s “Amazing Grace”, Tim Berg’s “Bromance” and many more, as well as a number of high profile collaborations and his own solo work!
Since the breakup of the band (Guru Josh Project) Darren rebranded as the Guru Project and has been busy in the studio creating hits under both sudo names “Darren Bailie & Guru Project” his latest release the remake of “I Need a Miracle” shot straight in the top ten of many dj charts around the world, even showed its face in the top 40 Austrian pop charts briefly….. No matter if its Guru Project, Darren Bailie or the now disbanded Guru Josh Project… you know… if Mr bailie is involved its going to be 100% pure perfection…..

Damae (ex Fragma)

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Growing up in a musical family, from an early age onwards Damae was fascinated by any kind of music, starting with musical films of the 50’s, Elvis and the Beatles, up to Rock and Punk music. Her first musical steps were solo parts in the school choir. Besides she learned classical ballet and began modeling for the German youth magazine BRAVO. She received a lot of attention and offers from film and music producers, but her priorities were her classical singing education, while at the same time she was singing and songwriting in a punk band. This proves that musical flexibility is not contradictory but foremost an advantage. So it’s no big surprise that through her passion skateboarding, she met musicians who inspired her interest in Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall. Shortly after that, Damae developed a deep love for electronic music and was very present in that scene, where hit producer Gottfried Engels (Tiger Records) offered her the part as the main solo singer in the project “Fragma”. Their first common single was an international smash, reaching #4 in the UK charts, which is quite notable for a German singer. In the aftermath, two albums, several video clips, and worldwide tours with gigs at renowned venues and huge festivals followed until 2012. Concurrently, she was the presenter of her own TV show “Dance District” at the Europe-wide TV station ONYX, and she even was a guest host at VIVA’s “Club Rotation”. Frequently, she surfaced with songs of her own or as a featured artist with other acts. At the moment she’s working with Tiger Records producers on new songs.

Cosmic Gate

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Over 10 boundary-pushing years, Nic Chagall and Bossi have evolved Cosmic Gate into one of the most creative and highly-sought-after electronic music acts in the world. Revered uber-producers, their musical acumen has seen them become long-term favourites of the trance"s Big 5 DJs with their 3 hugely-received albums transporting anthems like "Body of Conflict", "I Feel Wonderful", "Analog Feel", or the classics "Exploration of Space" and Fire Wire to the dancefloor. As DJs, their kinetic, blood-pumping live performances are seen by hundreds of thousands of club and festival goers annually. Playing a 100 nights every year, it's this ever-visible club presence that saw them reach their highest position to-date on the DJ Mag Top 100, landing at No.62 in 2008. Following a chance meeting at a label office in Cologne in late 1998, the pair collaborated for the first time. It's a production partnership that has become one of the dance world's most successful and memorable. In their homeland of Germany, they've maintained a consistent level of chart success, with no fewer than 7 Top 40 singles to their name and a Top 10 hit in the UK in 2001, with the quintessential club hit, Fire Wire. Drawing on a broad-range of their individual musical tastes and influences, they've continued to advance and enhance the sound... Following up the long-players "Rythm & Drums" and "No More Sleep", in 2006 they released "Earth Mover", which saw a seismic shift towards a more melodic and electronically orientated music. Including the club hits "Analog Feel', "Should Have Known" and "I Feel Wonderful", the long-player was IDMA nominated for Best Album of 2007 and was latterly seen as a new "year one" for Cosmic Gate. In 2009 Nic and Bossi are set to release their fourth studio album "Sign of the Times", which contains 11 floor-monsters-in-waiting, last year"s vocal anthem "Body of Conflict" and the latest smash single "Not Enough Time", which in the words of Tiesto is "a great and solid vocal trancer that touches all your musical senses!" And in the broader scale on "Sign of the Times" Armin van Buuren says "The new Cosmic Gate album is one of the most anticipated releases of this year. They are on the forefront of the dance music sound of the moment... Bring on 2009!" Deck-side Nic and Bossi have whipped floors into frenzies all the way around the world. In 2008 they played Tiesto's now-famous Monday nighter at Privilege in Ibiza, rocked roofs at the Judgement Sunday nights and decisively broke into the US and Australian clubbing scenes through a string of sell-out tours. They appeared in the DJ Magazine"s list of Top 100 spinners for 6 years now and are regular festival attraction, spinning at events like Trance Energy and Mysteryland in The Netherlands, Summadayze in Australia, Germany's Nature One and Stateside at Nocturnal. In early 2009 they are set to roadblock the Freedom Festival with Ti?o in Malaysia and Sunrise in Poland. Back2Back, Cosmic Gate's on-going compilation series was devised as the at-home testament to the pair"s club-rocking exploits. 2007 saw the release of the 3rd volume through Tiesto's Black Hole label. The compilations bring the evocative mix of trance, progressive and electro and stands apart through their use of numerous at-the-time unreleased productions and unique Cosmic Gate edits. Over their production lifetime, the Cosmic Gate remixes have become almost as feted as their productions. Essentially a blow by blow of trance music's A-list, Nic and Bossi lent their studio know-how to productions by the likes of Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond's OceanLab project, Rank 1 and Blank & Jones. Most recently they rewired Deadmau5's "Clockwork" to devastating effect and created two highly-praised remixes of "Vincent De Moor - Fly Away" and "Veracocha - Carte Blanche".


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Aquagen are the two DJs and producers GINO MONTESANO and OLAF DIECKMANN. In 1999 their success story started. Their first release IHR SEID SO LEISE/YOU ARE SO QUIET was a massive hit all over Europe and even overseas. In Germany the single sold 400 000 units, which meant a GOLDEN RECORD. Not bad for the first single... Onehitwonder? No way - their next release PARTYALARM was the second smasher and reached the charts once again all over the planet.. TANZ FUER MICH/DANCE FOR ME with the famous German comedian Ingo Appelt, the joint venture-project with the WARP BROTHERS PHATT BASS (Top Ten in the UK!!) or LOVEMACHINE followed and can all be found on their debut album ABGEHFAKTOR. Under pressure, boys?No way. The two took their time and produced their second album WEEKENDER. Progressive dance tunes, sounds deluxe, floorfillers, club smasher....WEEKENDER has got it all. Their first single-release from WEEKENDER was HARD TO SAY I'M SORRY - of course the classic from CHICAGO. The exclusive adaption was a smasher worldwide - and it still is. In Germany the single went straight to the Top Ten sales charts. The mixture of hard and soft beats makes this record to one of the dance anthems in this decade.More classic stuff? Follow-Up was EVERYBODY's FREE by lovely ROZALLA featuring lovely ROZALLA. Another club burner from AQUAGEN. Followed -once again- by the summer hymn: THE SUMMER IS CALLING. 2004 Aquagen changed the Record Company and went to Kontor Records. Their first Release at Kontor was "Girl" and placed in the Top 50 of the German sales Charts. 2006 Gino Montesano did the Coca-Cola Song in Germany. It was the hymn of the Soccer World-Championship in Germany.By now Olaf and Gino are working in the Studio on album number 3. The next Single is coming soon!

Alisson & Turner

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Alisson & Turner are two House DJs and producers that have been around the world since end of the 80s as Booking DJ's and Resident DJs in many of famous Clubs. What now is called "Electro" was Techno-House at that time.... however, at the beginning of the new Millennium House slowly disappeared from the German clubs, they decided to concentrate on music production's and quit as active DJs.... But their heart kept beating for the good old house music..... and now it's back.... even in germany....
Now these two "old men" are back on the scene, showing the Wiz Kids that they still can compete and even do it better, they are able to supply you with classic house nights right up to the electro sound of today... they feel at home with all the various Sounds and ages and they are very up to date with their program. Alisson & Turner did the remixes for the new Sash! Single Raindrops, Annakiya and many more are in their pipeline. Right now they are working on a new single that will be presented very soon. You can compare them both with a good bottle of red wine.... the older they are.... the better they get....

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