Royal Gigolos

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A party in September 2003 was the birth of the Royal Gigolos. The vocalists Melanie and Jay and the DJ/producer Tyson came together and found out that they shared the same enthusiasm about the classical 1966 tune "California Dreaming" by the Mamas & the Papas. A jam session took place that evening and finally led to a date in the studio where Mel and Jay sang the lyrics of "California Dreaming" to DJ Tyson's beats. In January 2004 a sample of "Royal Gigolos - California Dreaming" was given to the German DJs. It took astonishingly little time for the production to hit number one in almost every German dance chart (e.g. ODC, GDP, DMC and so on). But that was only the beginning of a unique success story. In only four weeks labels for the Royal Gigolos debut single had been found in each country of the world where music is being published. "California Dreaming" became number one in the national dance and club charts in more than twenty countries (for example Russia, the Ukraine, Hungary, all of Scandinavia, the Netherlands, France and Canada) and even reached the radio and sales charts. In France and Belgium "California Dreaming" climbed to number two in the single charts and only O-Zone's smash hit of the year, "Dragostea Din Tei", kept it from reaching the top position. The Royal Gigolos Mel, Jay and Tyson were supported by the dancer Kristian and DJ Mike Moore. In the beginning Melanie was on stage only with Kristian because Jay - due to his final exam - wasn't able to present the act the way he wanted. Mike Moore and Tyson went on to a large club tour and delighted fans all over the world with their DJ sets. Countless shows took place in 2004, the Royal Gigolos went to Eastern Europe for several times, to France and Belgium and even in Mexico-City three thousand enthused fans partied to the sound of the Royal Gigolos. The success story continued with the second single "No milk today". It entered the Top Five in various dance and sales charts worldwide. Meanwhile Jay had passed his exam and replaced Kristian on stage while Mike Moore left the group to occupy with other projects. With the double A-side "Self control / Somebody's watching me" the next rocket is about to launch. Based on Laura Branigan's and Rockwell's numbers the Royal Gigolos have produced another high quality club number. Within a few weeks after the vinyl-promotion the title has become number one in almost every German dance chart. We're allowed to be curious about how the success story continues because the Royal Gigolos will put forward more musical surprises...


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